Accolades for Salsa Dance Durango

"When I first started dance lessons with Salsa Dance Durango, I had no idea what a positive impact it would have on my life. I’d taken group lessons before in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Maybe it was the city, or that it was ballroom dancing, but the group was pretty much a single demographic and not very friendly. So I was pleasantly surprised by the mix of ages and by how welcoming the individuals are at the Wild Horse Saloon. And what a great venue with the hardwood floors, stage, and sound system! (Thanks, Amber!)

Over the past six months it’s become like an extended family. Regardless of their age, everyone is warm and friendly. They’re all there to learn too and more than willing to help others. And when I started, I needed a lot of help! The first few months is all about learning the basics, but Lou Zinser, the Director, and her teachers keep it interesting. In fact, the teaching has evolved since I’ve been taking lessons and keeps getting better.

I believe that a lot of the credit for the atmosphere goes to Lou. She is so positive and outgoing. And if you should have the opportunity to take private lessons with her, it’s like being on Dancing with the Stars! Her experience and qualifications are amazing for our little town of Durango. It’s our good fortune that this is where she decided to settle.

I know this is going to sound like an infomercial, but I even sleep better after our dance night. Don’t let anyone tell you that dancing isn’t good exercise.

So if you want to have fun, meet great people, and learn to dance, definitely give it a try. What have you got to lose? Tuesday nights at the Wild Horse Saloon!" -Wayne L.

“In the few months I worked and danced with Louvelle I was awesomely impressed with her finesse and styling in her salsa moves. She is amazing, and I highly recommend her because her passion will keep anyone excited and inspired!” -Ed F.

"Loving Salsa Dance Durango with Lou and all the instructors. Great way to learn new dance skills in a friendly supportive and fun environment. We will be back for Level 3 with our Dancing Shoes on! Thanks to all of you!" -Stephan L.

“A wonderful experience with awesome teachers. They made it fun, they kept it light, yet by the end of the session, we’d completely lost our club feet and were dancing fiends. I also loved the wide range of fellow classmates. I got to meet folks I never would have otherwise, opening my eyes to way more of our amazing community. Thanks, Guys! We’ll be back!”–The Stewarts

“I’ve always loved to dance, and Salsa is one of my favorites. I had been hoping that someone in Durango would offer Salsa dance classes, and lo and behold there was Lou with Salsa Dance Durango (SDD). Over the past year I have not only learned a ton and grown in my own dance abilities with SDD, but I have seen so many others shine and grow into amazing dancers as well. The opportunity to meet new friends and meet a wonderful partner of my own will be priceless memories for the rest of my life.” –Deahna G.

“Lou is wonderful! She’s taught me how to dance and opened up a new reserve of joy in my life.” -MB

“I am really, really loving my Salsa dance class with Salsa Dance Durango! I know that no matter how crummy my week is, there is always salsa- one night every week where I forget about everything that is bothering me, forget about what people think of me, and just dance my worries away on that floor. It also feels really great to learn something new and get that high going when I finally nail down a tricky move. Plus, it’s great for me to learn how to let someone else take the lead everyone once and awhile, and relax enough to have trust in whoever I’m dancing with. Can’t wait for Tuesday to come around! ” -Kelly M.